Elumen Play


• Long lasting direct dyes. • Non-oxidative. • Ammonia-free • I ncredible shine. • Brilliant color results. • Now the story continues.

• With the next generation. • A different direct dye system. • Stunningly different results. • A different creative inspiration. • Trust in your own genius. • Follow your instinct. • You decide what works.


Dualsenses Color Revive Color Giving Conditioner

A CUSTOMIZED USE FOR EVERY CLIENT • Alternate with Dualsenses care products to keep full color freshness • Use weekly to only slightly refresh color • For a soft reviving hue or for daily use, leave on for only 2 minutes • For intensive color refreshing, leave on for up to 5 minutes

INDIVIDUAL HAIR CARE ROUTINES • Protection and care using any of the Dualsenses care products that target your clien's overall hair needs • Caring intensity comparable to that of Dualsenses Color Brilliance Conditioner • Optimal combinations with the leave-in Dualsenses sprays and Dualsenses 6 Effects Serum

Dualsenses Color Revive Root Retouch Powder

THE SECRET WEAPON FOR INSTANT COVERAGE • Instantly covers root regrowth and grey hair at home and on the go • Perfectly blends into the Goldwell hair colors • Creates a natural look • Absorbs oil and sebum at the roots, leaving a refreshed hair feel • Powder doesn't run when wet • Can be used after each hair wash and in-between

CONVENIENT APPLICATION • Apply a small amount of powder to the sponge and work into the regrowth • To recover stronger contasts, rub the powder onto the roots in both directions • Apply instantly and easily while on the go

Bespoke Hair Care - Just for you

Being salon exclusive means your Goldwell hairdresser can prescribe a tailor made colour and care service to suit your individual needs, and advise you on how to get the best from your products.

Goldwell colour is exceptionally gentle and conditioning with unbeatable, long-lasting shine. Plus our award winning home care lines offer expert colour care, incredible condition and superb styling, which together with our colourmatch extensions, creates forever beautiful hair.